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Itakura Consulting Engineer Office
Itac Inc.
Professional Consulting Engineer(Chemical Category): Keisuke Itakura

〒224-0053,3143-9,Tsuzuki-ku,Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Mobile Phone 090-4201-9510
e-mail; office@itac-k.com

Our office is widely supporting customers for chemical technologies.
Presiding communication party between kinds of technical & managerial people. (Hi-tech.communication party)
The party is popular among people with different jobs ; Engineers,Managers,Executives,Faculties,Patent lawyers etc
<Technical Fields>

1. Research & Survey of Chemical Production Process

2. Chemical Plant Design

3. Research & Development of Separation Technologies

4. Survey of Marcket, Introduction of Chemical Technologies

5. Technical Development of Computer Software

6. Lecture, Class, Experiment advice for Chemical Subject

7. Chemical Consulting Regarding Above Issues

<Our Technologies >

Flavor&Flagrance Separation or Purification

Dehydration of Organic Solvents

Design of Distillation Equipment

Design of Extraction Equipment

Design of Reactor

Purification of Solid Crystals

Production of Flavors & Fragrances

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

<Related Tec. >

Small Scale
Freezing Equipment.

Ozone Generator.

Labo.Glass Equipment.

Specialized Line Mixer
& Atomizer.

Recovery of solvent from drain water.

Recovery of solvent from exhaust gas.

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