<Organic Chemical Reaction in Pipe Reactor>

Epoch-making Continuous Reaction System

1.Outline of the System
Liquid-Liquid 、or Vapor-Liquid reaction in pipe reactor using commercial pipe has many good points.
By using special line-mixer, we made it possible to carry out the reaction continuously & automatically by computer control.
High speed collision between two phases in Line-mixer generates shock wave, and makes very fine particles.
Accordingly, reaction completes within one second.
Reaction heat will be removed easily by dual pipe cooling method.    
Application of repulsing power caused by back-flow, it will diminish pressure loss to minimum.    
Successively, we can do neutralization, solvent    
Also, plant-space required will come to very small one.

2.Applicable Reaction Examples
Neutralization reaction、Additional reaction、Condensation reaction、Isomerization reaction、
Oxidation reaction、Reductive reaction、Hydrogenation reaction、Deodorization reaction
Variety of reactions using asymmetric catalyst(molecular catalyst)、Dissolution/Removal of fine particle gas、
Extraction、Emulsion formation ect.

3.Flow Chart